Under Arches

Up in town this evening sitting with editor B in Arch 1, Waterloo. Whatever time of day I eat and drink in these places, it always feels like 7:15pm December. The Archduke in June with TH; Feb. guest of R. Same ambience, same weary London excitement. Staff not quite smiling, corners not quite lit. I’m glad the number of arches hits a limit. Otherwise salon pun-time: Arch Villain Brasserie; Parched Smoothies.

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You are bowling at some industrial, noise-filled warehouse. The staff try, zealous to the limits of their age and two-day corporate brand-training, to make you feel-like-coming-back. They fail because they are too young and have had only two days training. The lanes either side of you reveal class and culture. Bowlers to the left: Gillian, Lucy, Marcus. To the right: Bob, Chelsea, Vince. Go judge.

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The axiom of Maria Prophetissa goes like this, or thereabouts: Out of one comes two. Two create three. From three comes four. Simple, complex, confusing. Unless…unless one is a thought; two its opposite; three their tension; four the new creation from the resolution of that tension. cf. Booker’s 7 Basic Plots and their distillation into one ultimate story.

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Music to hide in

Radiohead : Kid A//Burial : Untrue//David Sylvian : Gone to Earth//The Verve : Forth//Szymanowski : Violin Concerto no.1 Opus 35

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Writing Places

A battered book: read & re-read over 10 years; knocked about; pages torn, folded as markers and yellowed by time on 3 different bookcases. What draws me back each time goes right up to the place where words run out. The tale weaves reality & magic; humanity & sub-humanity; rawness & subtlety into a short, technicolour & congruent whole. It tells you about being human; it tells you about place; it tells you how humans behave in the places where they hurt&hide, sin, heal, grieve, and risk it all. Between bleached pages you’ll find yourself and your most real, darkest thoughts.

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Young & Old

Young once bought a tired old barge, stripped and cored it, moored it by the bridge, and lived – truely lived – in it for a couple of years. He was in pure flow and old aimed a quiet envy at him. Then Young got bored, married, conjured up children and now rents a box-house 35 minutes from Waterloo. Old looked on and saw the flare ‘n’ dazzle fade ‘n’ fizzle.

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Places to hide

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Mute at our extremes

Life is so awesome, so painful, so ecstatic, so rich, so tedious, so…so…so… that words quickly run out.  We are mute at our extremes; places where we clam up whilst clamouring for the right language to tell. Sounds come too late or not at all; we flare in silence then fade. But some writers strike camp at this threshold and make of their art expeditions across the border. They push forward with phrases that are more than the things they say. They are engineers; they are artists; they are alchemists who manage to write what we always knew but couldn’t project. Who are these people? Foible says: Geoffrey Hill. M John Harrison. David Constantine. Follow them over the border.

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Who am I?

I am Foible Carrion and this is my commonplace book. I live in a museum where I sit behind glass, poised and alert for news. I observe and I judge and I ask. I look under stones; I listen behind words; I scrape away at pictures and I fall into symbols. I am searching for beautifully scarred people who walk our perfectly flawed Earth.  I am looking for them; I am looking for me; I am looking for you.

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Go here to help desperate under-used words find a home.

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