Foible’s desk, dimpled and grooved by his pen work, held a single sheet of white paper. He gathered everything up and began.
Things I have and need.
1. This desk
2. This pen, paper
3. This warmth, roof, silence, food
4. This mind
5. This connection
6. This journey, potential, creativity

Cleansed, satisfied and quickened, he went outside and asked people about their lists.
Most wrote furiously, desperate to fill the page, fill it deeper than the rest of the tribe could.
Some could not grasp the pen, or keep the paper flat.
A few were able to pass back the paper, blank and overflowing.

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“1,2,3,4, ” said Maria to Foible.
“Brutal,” he replied.
“No, gentle,” she said.

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Political Psychology

Back in his room Foible found Sybelle and Harkiron waiting to speak.
He left for the station. Later, looking through the carriage window, he saw them caught in the glass & arguing over how best to bend his life to their own. He breathed on the glass and they began to cough.

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Macro & Micro

Sybelle and Harkiron answered him from the street below.
“It’s driven by this in here.” she called up.
“It’s driven by that out there.” he shouted.
Dissatisfied, Foible scratched some marks into the windowsill to keep them away, then went back inside.

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A New Day

Foible pulled the curtains, opened the window and put his head into the air. The new day smelled of straw and jam. He looked into the street. Other people were doing. “How does all this work?” he asked.

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Trying to wake

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Resigned to the thaw, Foible shrugged. Snow is only water puffed up like popcorn, he spoke at gloomy children. Then school is only words puffed up the same way, they mumbled back. He flung snow about. They chucked some words up into the sky.

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Relaxing by the fire

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Death & Return

Harkiron’s death unbound and unsettled Foible. Now limitless, he uncoiled to find himself in an utter, petrifying absence. So that’s what the cattle-king was hiding, he gasped. Terror came, then peace. Foible returned to Cantalubrion, beautifully free of all expectation.

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Foible began to dote on the snow, protect it. “Stay,” he yearned at its impermanence. But it had already laid brutal plans to fold itself up and one morning simply “not be there anymore”; a temporary robe bleeding away.

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